Other Key Notes

A collection of key reference notes, regarding your polices and aspects relating to your child’s day-to-day life at OLMC. If your child has just started at OLMC, please take the time to familiarise yourself with this information.

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If you have a concern or complaint we would like you to tell us about it!

In the first instance, please speak to your child’s teacher, or ring school to make an appointment.  If the problem is still not resolved, please arrange an appointment with the Key Stage Leader:

  • KS1 – Mrs. Bostock
  • KS2 – Mrs Young
  • Foundation Stage – Miss Kennedy

The next step would be to see Mrs. Bostock, as Deputy Head or Mrs. Hayes, Headteacher.  

Appointments can be made through the office.


We have a Homework Policy which was drafted following extensive consultation with parents/carers and we continue to respond to parent/carers comments regarding homework.

More information regarding Homework at OLMC can be found in our Homework Policy on the school policies page

School Meals

Food & More is Carillion’s flagship catering company, which specialises in providing healthy and innovative catering solutions to hundreds of schools, as well as businesses across the UK.

Our talented and passionate staff pride themselves on creating exciting and nutritious menus, which use fresh and seasonal produce sourced from local suppliers.

Read more about the company here.

Please find payment info and more information here on the Tameside LA website.

School Lunch Menu – November 2016

School Security

  • All our doors are locked and can only be opened by a “fob” making the school very secure.
  • The school gates are closed at 09:05.
  • In the event of the fire alarm going off the doors are automatically unlocked.
  • Electronic gates have recently been installed for additional safety.

School Trip and Visits

Wherever possible, the costs of school trips are paid for through the Pupil Premium Grant as we endeavour to provide our children with as many first hand experiences as possible.

There are occasions when parents are asked for voluntary contributions towards trips and some extracurricular activities. A facility to contribute over a period of time will always be made available to parents.

The LA have issued guidelines for schools to comply with before any school trip can take place. As a school we now have to document that all necessary risk assessments have been undertaken and that the ratio of adults to children complies with regulations.

Parents must ensure that they sign and return all permission slips prior to a school trip taking place.

A full copy of the School’s Charging Policy is available on the policies page for parents to read.

Working in Partnership

Working in strong partnership is very important to every child’s learning journey. Parents obviously have the most powerful influence on their child’s development and we aim to help parents ‘belong’ and to feel that Our Lady of Mount Carmel is their school too.

To help you support your children at home, we have developed information evenings and workshops throughout the course of the year which have, so far, been very well attended.

We have also recently set up a Parents Forum to give parents a ‘voice’. Two parent representatives from each class meet regularly with members of the Senior Leadership Team to further improve our partnership.


Does my child need to be Catholic to attend the school?

Priority is given to baptised Catholic children. For further details please see the Admissions page.  

When can I register my child?

For Reception Class, admission is applied for on the Tameside MBC website which usually opens in  November the year before your child would start school, and closes in January.  Please see the Admissions page for more details.  For admission to classes other than Reception, the request should be made through Tameside MBC Schools Admissions Team  Tel: 342 8355.

How do I register my child for a place in Our Lady Foundation Stage or Nursery?
  1. If you wish to apply for a place in our Nursery you can use our application form – click here to view download the application form.
  2. For a place in our Reception Class you need to apply directly to Tameside Council.

Please  see the Admissions page for more information.

Do we have to live near the school to enrol our child?

One of the main criteria for admission is distance.  Please see Admissions page for more details.

What time should students arrive at school?

The school day starts at 08:50am, (8:45am for EYFS). We would expect the children to arrive no later than 5 minutes before start.

What time are are the school gates closed?

The school gates are normally closed at 09:05

What happens if students arrive late?

Children should be brought to the office by an adult and signed in the Late Book.  Punctuality is monitored, and further action may be taken, i.e referral to the Education Welfare Officer, if a child is persistently late. 

What happens if students are absent or have a medical appointment?

Parents should phone the school and leave a message on the answerphone to say why their child is absent. and if possible, say how long their child is likely to be absent. For long-term absence, a doctor’s note will be required.  If you wish to take your child on holiday during term term, please complete a Holiday Request Form.  Please be aware that holidays are not usually authorised during term time, and may incur a fixed penalty from Tameside MBC of £60 per parent, per child.  Please try to make medical or dental appointments out of school hours.

Can my child leave the school grounds during normal hours?

All our doors are locked and can only be opened by a “fob” making the school very secure. The school gates are closed at 09:05. In the event of the fire alarm going off the doors are automatically unlocked. Electronic gates have recently been installed for additional safety.

How does the school deal with chronic or serious health problems?

These will be dealt with on an individual basis and an Education Healthcare Plan would be completed.   The majority of Support Staff are trained in First Aid.

What happens if my child is sick at school?

If a child is ill at school, this will be monitored and if necessary parents will be called to pick the child up.