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Fairtrade Club

This week we ran a Fairtrade club. We’re running this club to make children more aware of where things come from, so they can understand how buying certain products will help improve people’s lives.

Fairtrade is an important idea that is all about making sure the people who produce the things you buy ( e.g. Coffee, chocolate) are paid a fair price for all their work.

While this may seem like the most obvious thing to do, there are lots of people in poorer countries who have to sell their products at low prices that means they are unable to make a decent living.

Did you know that nearly half the people in the world live on less that £2 a day?

The Fairtrade Foundation was set up to help producers in poorer countries get a fair price for their work.

So when you buy something with a Fairtrade logo on it, you know that a fair amount of the money is going towards helping the community where it came from.

This extra money is usually put into things that can help the local community – like bicycles to help workers travel to work or new wells to provide water.

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