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Dinosaur Detectives – Year 3

To help with their historical enquiry skills  and as part of their science topic on fossils,  the children went to Manchester Museum for a fabulous trip to be Dinosaur Detectives. They had a brilliant guide in  Hannah, who first of all revealed a dinosaur’s foot from beneath a black cloth. The children had to work hard and think about what information the foot told them about the dinosaur.

The children then applied their skills to a set objects which  they had to look at carefully.  Then they had to use these observations to decide what the object was e.g. a tooth, claw or small animal. This was really exciting and tested the children’s skills!




Finally the children arrived at the crime scene where they  had to use their powers of deduction to work out who had killed Stan the T-Rex! They studied the information and worked out clues to try and solve the crime…………..Why don’t you ask your child who did kill Stan?



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