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Day of Many Colours – Children Praying for Children

Today was the first time our school joined in this day and we focused on the idea of “Children praying for Children”  from the Mission Together charity.


As a school we gathered in the hall while Miss  Kirkup explained what “Children praying for Children” meant. It was a special way to pray the Rosary so children at Our Lady’s can think about less fortunate children around the world as they pray.

 The different colours of the Rosary represent different continents around the world  for which the children will say a decade daily so:

Green is for Africa –  Year 6 and Nursery 

Red is for the Americas –  Year 5 and Reception

White is for Europe – Year 4 and Year 1

Blue is for Oceania – Year 3 and Year 2

Yellow is for Asia and all children will pray a decade each day for this continent.

Next year we hope to build on this with the Caritas team and have a full day when the children will have a chance to raise funds for  children on their continent.

At the end we made a human rosary on the stage and said a Hail Mary in French.

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