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By Water and The Spirit

Last week Year 3 went to St Christopher’s as part of their Sacramental Journey. We joined the Year 3 class at St Christopher’s to remind our selves of the importance of Baptism.

We learned that our faith is a gift from God and  promises are our gift to God. In addition we read  the promises that parents and godparents make on behalf of the child.


We also had a pretend Baptism where we revisited the signs and symbols of Baptism and discussed their meaning  such as:  the sign of the cross,  the white garment, the oil of chrism, holy water, Easter Candle and Baptismal Candle.

We also took a photograph of the inside of the font!

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  1. I still remember when we had to do that but I definitely will not forget when I got chosen to be the (fake) mother of a baby doll and Marco was the (fake) father.I definitely will also not forget when in the mass that my class had to go to Father asked me what the dolls name was I was so emmbarresed.I hope that year 3 will have a wonderful 1st Holy Communion like we did
    Lots of love Julia Witkowska from year 4

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