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Working Scientifically

Year 4 have been learning about teeth.

Today we combined maths, science and literacy in our experiment to discover which liquid harms the enamel on our teeth the most.

In our kagan groups, children collected a jam jar, an egg (that had been blown), a measuring jug and a sample of one of 7 liquids. 

The egg was placed into the jamjar and then covered with 250ml of a carefully measured liquid. The liquids we used were: coffee, tea, sugar syrup, vinegar, fresh orange juice, cocoa cola and a control sample of water.

The lids were carefully replaced – especially on the vinegar sample –  they will be examined in a weeks time to investigate which liquid has had the most effect on the egg shell ( representing the tooth).

Year 4 then wrote about the investigation, using our question, equipment, fair test and prediction format. Next week we will record our results and issue you a warning of which drinks to avoid.


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