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As part of our history topic, we have been learning how the plague spread to Eyam, so today, we paid a visit to the village.

Our first stop was the village church where we learnt about the sacrifice the villagers were prepared to make to save their neighbours.

We learnt about the stained glass window which shows George viccars, the first victim of the plague and Mompesson and Stanley, the clergy who persuaded the villagers to stay in quarantine.

Next, we walked through the village, identifying where each death occurred.

Then we went to the museum to learn more details about individuals.

We finally stopped for lunch and were able to sit outside as the weather was fine.


  1. It was really fun because it’s something I’ve never done, and somewhere I’ve never been. After we left school, I wouldn’t stop thinking of it

  2. I loved that trip it was really a double trip getting to go two places at the same day in the the space of 4 hours thank you and also to the bus driver driving all that way and back again i liked learning different facts about magret I also liked the pictures in the church is there a place in London called eyam were eyam in London ? My grandma said it weren’t it is a separate place anyway back to the trip thank you see you on Monday 😃 Can’t wait to do R.E

  3. What a fantastic opportunity to learn about The Plague, and Eyam is such a beautiful place. I am so glad you enjoyed it Year 4.

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