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Our Digestive System

Today we made poo!

We are studying our digestive system and how food travels through our bodies so today we did a practical study.

Scissors and a potato masher became our teeth as we mashed up crackers, banana and coffee – this mixture (in a zip lock bag) then travelled down the oesophagus to our stomach where it was mixed with acid and bile (orange juice and washing up liquid). A pair of tights became our small intestine where all the nutrients are absorbed then as we squeezed the tights to remove the excess water we were left with solid matter. A quick slice along the toe of the tights and the waste matter was excreted – much to most people’ s disgust. Messy but fun.


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    1. I Agree, it was SUPER stinky and disgusting and It looked horrible, my hands stunk of it, but it was very fun, I agree with Wiktor!! 😀😀:-x

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