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Mad Science

Today, we welcomed Zaney Zee into Our Lady’s in order to demonstrate several science demonstrations with a focus on sound.

She started by demonstrating how sound travels using a huge metal slinky – ably assisted by a member of year 3.

After that, she demonstrated the difference in pitch – asking Mrs Young to make a high-pitched noise then Mrs Sheridan to make a low-pitched noise. Pitch was further demonstrated by a year 4 pupil who used a corrugated tube. The faster it was spun, the higher the pitch achieved.

Volume was the next topic to be investigated. Mrs Ghilks was asked to roar like a lion – being the shy quiet teacher that she is, she mewed like a kitten! She followed this with a loud roar. Mrs Nadin was next up – she had to bellow like an elephant. Both noises were then reproduced (much louder) by attaching wet string to a bucket. The friction resulted in a very loud noise being produced by the bucket.

The last and most exciting part of the assembly required 3 volunteers. Each armed with a thunder box. When the lights went out, Zaney Zee shone a torch, this was the signal for the children to click their fingers – light rain – then clap their hands – rain and finally clapping loudly signally a heavy rain fall. The thunder boxes then made a very loud noise to signify a thunder storm.

Zee told us that light travels faster than sound which is why we see lightning before we hear the thunder. Can anyone remember how much faster?


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