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Conversations with God


Today, the GIFT chaplaincy team organised a reflective half hour for each class in school. They provided different resources for each activity and children were asked to have a different focus for each activity.

Colour a flower for the prayer tree involved children colouring in whilst talking to God.

Other activities included: The Sorry Bin, children wrote something that they had done wrong on a piece of paper, then screwed this worry up and threw it in the bin.

Pebble Prayers

You had to choose 3 white pebbles and 1 green pebble. With the white pebbles you said a prayer e.g. Eternal Rest, Hail Mary or Our Father. In a bowl on the table, was water with blue glitter in and we dropped the white pebbles into the water. Marco

Paint your image of God

Bubble prayers

Count Your Blessings

Bubble Worries and Meditations completed the activities.


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