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Tameside Rocks

Year 1 had a visit from Mrs Hallows (Henry’s mum) on Tuesday.  She introduced them to an exciting new craze that everyone can take part in. 

It involves decorating pebbles and hiding them for others to find in the Tameside area. 

Henry and his mum showed us some fantastic pebbles that they have painted, which they are going to hide over the half term holiday.  If  you find a pebble you can either take it home and replace it with your own creation, or hide it again so more people can enjoy the hunt. 

If you want to find out more information there is a Facebook group called ‘Tameside Rocks’. 

Thank you to Mrs Hallows and Henry for sharing this with us. 


  1. Hi, I am so thrilled to see so many schools and nurseries getting involved with my community project Tameside Rocks, it is wonderful to see so many familes engaging!
    I founded the project in October 2017 and our community group is growing by the day.
    Thankyou “Mrs Hallows” and “Henry” for spreading the word about us! 🙂

    Jayde x

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